Many ladies “use” a needle on a thread to ask the sex of an unborn child; on a building site you will often see men using bits of bent wire to locate pipes and cables; and for centuries farmers have used forked sticks to decide where to drill a well. They are all dowsing.
Pendulum dowsing is a useful skill and just about anyone can learn it. Basic dowsing gives a yes/no response to questions asked. Once you become proficient at this you may dowse in other ways.
A pendulum is a simple tool used for communicating and gaining guidance from the spiritual world. This is one of the easiest methods of divination and is ten times more secure and accurate than a Ouija board. When used for divination the pendulum acts as an antenna that amplifies signals or energy vibrations emanating from a spiritual guide or the Divine energies you've called upon. These vibrations focus their attention on the pendulum and cause it to move in specific directions, giving you answers and guidance to the questions you put to the tool.
Pendulums are used as a tool for finding and evaluating information, for helping to make choices, for scanning the energy body to guide you in energy work and crystal healing, and for divination. Divining with pendulums is called dowsing. Pendulums are one tool for dowsing, several kinds of L rods, bobbers and y-rods are also used for dowsing. The most familiar use for dowsing is probably locating water or mineral deposits with the aid of a dowsing tool. Pendulums are a very useful tool when used with respect. They respond to energy and have the effect of magnifying the vibrations of subtle energy so that they can be more easily noticed.

The pendulum is not a fortune telling device. While they can help you find answers to questions it cannot predict the future because the future is not absolutely set in advance but changes constantly.

A beginner should not expect to be able to be a 'Master Dowser' immediately - but if you invest your time and effort there is no reason why you cannot improve your skills and abilities. It is as simple as learning to ride a bicycle.

It is very important not to become over dependent on them, If you find yourself dowsing to decide between the turkey or the Blt at lunch then you are over doing. The pendulum is a tool, not something that takes the place of mind and will. People who become over dependent on them will often lose their pendulums frequently. After one has used a pendulum for a while they may discover that they can feel the movement patterns of the energy on the palm of their hand so that they can do the readings without the pendulum.

As we develop our dowsing abilities, we can expand our programs and add additional signals (including pointing) rather like adding new programs to a computer. And like the operator of a computer, we can choose which program to use at any time, or change the tool in hand - similar to using a screen, a printer, or a loud speaker for the output device.
You can ask questions about anything; however you are likely to become less accurate when questions have too much personal importance for you. If you ask 'Does so & so love me?' your conscious mind will have an opinion and will most likely influence the answer. Likewise dowsing lottery numbers, you'll probably be pretty keen to win & so will lack the detachment needed to dowse with accuracy. There is also an ethical question mark over using dowsing for personal gain- I'll let you square this one with your own conscience!
Some people are gifted with clairvoyance and other 'sixth-sense' abilities - but most of us do not have such skills. Yes, we can develop our connection by using Dowsing - also known as 'Intuition Technology' to access our Intuition 'On Demand'.
Humans can be likened to a radio transceiver, with the intuitive part of our 'mind-brain team' linked to the 'Force for Good'. It is switched ON because we are alive. But even if a radio is switched ON and tuned to a clear station, we do not hear any message without a loudspeaker.
In Dowsing, we train our nervous-muscular system to be like wires that connect the intuitive part of our 'mind-brain team' to a tool that indicates the nature of the message - to a Dowsing tool, that signals YES or NO.
When we learn to dowse one of the things that we learn is how to program the tool to respond to our answers with one movement that indicates "yes" and another movement that indicates "no". Some Dowsers program their pendulums to swing up and down to mean "yes" and side to side to mean "no". By using this method we can find the answer to virtually any question we have, as long as we have permission to ask it.


Trust your intuition. The key to the right choice of a pendulum, and subsequent success lies in your feelings more so than the intellectual selection of the tool. Have faith, believe that you can dowse. Believe that the pendulum you choose will work for you is of extreme importance. So when you choose your pendulum chose one that is pleasing, that is attractive to you, and that feels right for you.
A Pendulum can be made from a paper-clip on a piece of cotton thread, a brass weight on a string, or a cannon ball on a chain - if you are strong enough to lift it! Some people use key tags or a crystal on a metal chain. A glass bead, about 3/8 inch (1 cm) diameter - spherical or pear-shaped) suspended by about 15 inches (40 cm) of braided thread (e.g. a shoe lace) is a good compromise. The pendulum hangs, about 3"-6" at the end of a string, you ask a question that has a yes / no answer and it moves to respond to the question that was asked.
Many dowsers prefer to use a quartz crystal pendulum. Others like hematite for its grounding quality which they feel helps keep readings clear. For the purpose of practice, begin by selecting a stone or metal pendulum that you are intuitively drawn to. Whatever kind of pendulum you decide to use, it is very important that before you begin dowsing you spend a few minutes tuning in to the pendulum and your higher consciousness.


First bond together with your Pendulum as a team, and specify that the "Love of Truth" communications channel always be used in your Dowsing - so hold your Pendulum in your hand, and say:
I, (your name), the owner of this Pendulum, declare that all answers shall always be given in the Love of Truth when using this Pendulum or any other Dowsing tool; I promise to use my Pendulum only for Good.
Next request the Force for Good, acting with Love of Truth, to help you by being your "Gate Keeper", to ensure that all your Dowsing is done in love and that the answers the best available and are true, that they apply to the present time, and that they are within your range of understanding.
I ask the Force for Good to Guard all my Dowsing, to obtain only answers given in Love of Truth, given from all available sources, and given in terms of the present time and locations that I understand as a human being on this earth.
You should be in a state of prayer when using your Pendulum. This means being really sincere and honest, concentrating on what you are saying and thinking - and thinking only good thoughts.
You may also find that taking a ` Pranic Breath ' helps your Dowsing: place your conscious awareness at the top of your nose / between your eyes; breathe deeply, feeling the breath with your conscious awareness; exhale, moving your conscious awareness straight back into your head. You may feel yourself expand, and your ` mind chatter ' will usually lessen.
Because using your Pendulum is such a serious business it presents a problem; if you use your Pendulum only for serious matters then how do you get the practice that you need to learn (and to teach others) to become proficient?
The answer lies in asking The System for permission to practice - like guessing the cards in a pack, telling dates of coins, or finding non- essential things. But if you ask permission to practice and then use the results for personal gain (like having an unfair advantage to win at cards) you may be penalized.

Pendulums, especially those of stone or crystal should be cleared with intention or some other clearing method and be dedicated / programmed to give neutral readings. You also tune into and set the intention for the particular kind of reading system you will follow. Uncleared pendulums might lose some accuracy. Clearing these and crystal balls is more about removing influences from previous work than about clearing the crystal itself.


A long string is more sensitive to small muscular movements but takes a longer time to complete a movement than does a short string. When starting to dowse you may find a long string best, changing to a shorter length as you become more skilled and your muscle system becomes used to Dowsing.
Since your Pendulum is being used by YOU, you should choose a length that responds best to YOUR mind and body - instead of the length that you used to start. This is called ' tuning ' your Pendulum.
The most accurate way is to hold the string between your thumb and first finger of your hand, and slowly let the string out. If you find this difficult, wrap the string around a pencil first; but be sure to hold the string (on the pencil) between your thumb and first finger.
Start with about 2 inches (5 cm) of string between your finger and the pendulum weight. Place your other elbow against the side of your body, with the hand in front of you, palm upwards, pointing across your body; let your Pendulum swing gently along the line of your hand.
Let the string out a little at a time, and soon your Pendulum will start to make a circle; continue to let out the string slowly, and your Pendulum will go back to swinging again; let out more string until your Pendulum starts making a circle again - note, that this circle is much larger than the first circle; you have found the correct place to hold the string of your Pendulum!
If you are very sensitive, your Pendulum may make very large circles all the time when using this length; if this is so, then use the shorter length - when your Pendulum first started to make a circle. Mark this as the “holding point” by making a simple slip knot in the string.


Your Pendulum is a tool; by itself it has no magic abilities! All it does is enable you to get information from the intuitive side of your brain without a lot of interference from the rational side of your brain - and amplifies that input. As with all tools, it is best to take good care of your Pendulum so that it is clean and in good condition when needed.
The "YES" and "NO" directions may change depending on your body cycles (and those of any person that you are asking about). So it is good practice to check the directions each time you Dowse, and each time you ask about any other person. So ask ` Show me the signal for "YES" whenever you Dowse.
The next step is to make sure that The System agrees to the use of the signals you have declared in your programs. So hold your Pendulum and declare:
My Dowsing must always be guarded by The Force for Good, and obtain answers in Love of Truth from all available sources.
You must always tell the truth, got from all available sources.
"YES" or "NO" signals may only be given if the question is a good, clear question, permitted to be asked by me, and if the true answer is known.
Otherwise you must stay still or give a "WAITING" signal. This is VERY important, so ask The System if it understands! If your Pendulum signals "NO" or stays still, then repeat this part of the training until your Pendulum signals "YES".

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The next key to Dowsing is to make certain that your mind fully understands the signals to be used. A computer is just a piece of furniture without a program - and in the same way your Dowsing needs to be programmed. You can have different programs for different tools and various jobs, and can change the programming at any time, like using different computer programs. The programming (or signal system) suggested in this booklet has been found to be good for most people, and if you are new to Dowsing, or having difficulties with your Dowsing, then you may decide to use it. If so, then say:
I now cancel all previous programs that I have had for Dowsing, and state that the signals to be used:
Yes ~ an up and down direction
No ~ a side to side direction
. Maybe ~ a diagonal direction, from the lower left to upper right corners of the circle.
Don't Want To Answer ~ a diagonal direction , from the lower right to the upper left corners of the circle.
Probably Yes ~ a clockwise circle.
Probably Not ~ a counter-clockwise circle.
Although you can use either hand to Dowse, you may find that the best hand to use as your Dowsing hand is the opposite hand to that which you normally use; this allows your “normal” hand to be used for writing when you are Dowsing. But if you find this difficult, use your normal hand.
The term “other hand” means the hand that is not holding your Pendulum.
A classic holding position is between the thumb and index finger with about five or six inches of loose cord, extra cord is held back in the other finger of the hand. The fingers holding the pendulum may point straight down and they line up with the freely hanging cord and pendulum rather than being angled . However you do hold the device you should be comfortable. Do not twist or strain to try to achieve a "perfect" position. You may rest your elbow on a table or other flat surface. For your dowsing sessions try to use a quiet room away from electrical equipment such as televisions and computers because electromagnetic energy fields may influence the movement and possibly alter the answers received from the pendulum.

Now hold your Pendulum, with the holding point between your thumb and first finger of your normal hand (the finger next to the thumb), with about 7 inches (20 cm) of string to the point of your Pendulum, which should be about 1/4 inch (0.5 cm) above a piece of blank paper. First of all, just hold it still (this is like teaching your dog to sit!).

Step 1
Hold your Pendulum as described above, without making it move. It is in the "WAITING POSITION". Tell your pendulum this is so, by repeatedly saying "WAITING POSITION".

Step 2
Hold your Pendulum, and then start swinging it to and from you over the "yes" line. As it swings in this manner, repeatedly say "yes". Stop swinging it, allowing it to return to the "WAITING POSITION ". Do not make it move, while you are repeatedly saying "yes", just wait for your Pendulum to move on its own! This is VERY important, since you are trying to confirm that the signal is understood.

Step 3
Hold your Pendulum, and then start. swinging it side to side over the "no" line. As it swings in this manner, repeatedly say "no". Stop swinging it, allowing it to return to the "WAITING POSITION". Do not make it move, while you are repeatedly saying "NO”, just wait for your Pendulum to move on its own! This is VERY important, since you are trying to confirm that the signal is understood.

Step 4
Hold your Pendulum, and then start swinging it counter-clock wise over the “PROBABLY NOT" line. As it swings in this manner, repeatedly say "PROBABLY NOT". Stop swinging it, allowing it to return to the "WAITING POSITION". Do not make it move, while you are repeatedly saying "PROBABLY NOT", just wait for your Pendulum to move on its own! This is VERY important, since you are trying to confirm that the signal is understood.

Step 5
Hold your Pendulum, and then start swinging it clock wise over the “PROBABLY YES" line. As it swings in this manner, repeatedly say "PROBABLY YES". Stop swinging it, allowing it to return to the "WAITING POSITION". Do not make it move, while you are repeatedly saying "PROBABLY YES", just wait for your Pendulum to move on its own! This is VERY important, since you are trying to confirm that the signal is understood.

Step 6
Hold your Pendulum, and then start swinging it in a diagonal direction, from the lower left to upper right corners of the circle, over the “MAYBE" line. As it swings in this manner, repeatedly say "MAYBE". Stop swinging it, allowing it to return to the "WAITING POSITION". Do not make it move, while you are repeatedly saying "MAYBE", just wait for your Pendulum to move on its own! This is VERY important, since you are trying to confirm that the signal is understood.

Step 7
Hold your Pendulum, and then start swinging it in a diagonal direction, from the lower right to the upper left corners of the circle, over the “DON’T WANT TO ANSWER" line. As it swings in this manner, repeatedly say "DON’T WANT TO ANSWER". Stop swinging it, allowing it to return to the "WAITING POSITION". Do not make it move, while you are repeatedly saying "DON’T WANT TO ANSWER", just wait for your Pendulum to move on its own! This is VERY important, since you are trying to confirm that the signal is understood.

Now repeat these exercises using just thought - just thinking "YES", "NO", “MAYBE”, "DON’T WANT TO ANSWER", "PROBABLY YES", "PROBABLY NO".

Repeat steps 1 to 7 until you have success - then you can ask simple questions for practice (but remember to ask permission to practice first!), such as " Is today Wednesday?" - But wait until you have read all the instructions before asking any important questions.
So here's a step by step approach to dowsing for the first time:
1. First ground yourself. The simplest way is to imagine tree roots growing down from the soles of each foot rooting you firmly into the Earth.
2. Next connect to your Higher Self through your crown chakra: visualise a bright white star above your head and draw a strand of it down through your crown.
3. Now centre your energies: take your focus to your heart centre, until you feel this is where you are working from, rather from 'mission control' in the head. You can dowse without this preparation- but you are likely to be wildly inaccurate!
4. Holding your pendulum in one hand by the chain let it swing gently in a neutral fashion. Keep your hand & arm relaxed- tensing up will prevent the pendulum swinging freely.
5. Ask a question in your mind for which you know the answer is a 'yes'. I might ask 'Is my name Lauren?' for example. Watch how the pendulum responds. The swing will probably change.
You will most likely feel very excited at this point- it looks so weird! Just remember that you really are moving the pendulum- it isn't being moved by a supernatural force- simply by small unconscious muscle movements in your arm.
6. Now ask a question for which you know the answer is false 'Am I called Arthur?' and again observe the swing. It will probably change.
7. Continue to ask questions for which you know the answers until you have established how the pendulum will swing to indicate a 'yes' response and how it will swing to indicate a 'no'.
8 Once you have established your 'yes' and 'no' swings you can start to ask other questions.

Whilst you are learning dowsing it is best not to ask any 'heavy weight' questions. Dowsing is not infallible, but in skilled hands it can be remarkably accurate. Even so I personally wouldn't make any really big decisions based on dowsing alone & would note my intuitive feelings and look for any other guidance to corroborate the results.

Now, begin to ask the series of questions listed below, each time after receiving the answer, mentally say "thank you" and allow your Pendulum to return to a neutral state before proceeding to the next question.
1.) Ask the Pendulum the following questions: Is today Monday? Is today Tuesday? Continue to ask the Pendulum about all of the different days of the week. You want to experience what happens and how the Pendulum responds when the answer is "yes" as opposed to when the answer is "no". Since you already know which day of the week it is, it will be easy for you to observe the accuracy of your Pendulum reading.
2.) If you have a dog or a cat, hold the Pendulum over the head of your pet and observe what your Pendulum does.
3.) Hold your Pendulum over a healthy green plant and observe what occurs.
4.) Hold your Pendulum over a dead plant and observe what happens.
5.) Hold your Pendulum over a healthy food, like fresh fruit, for example, and ask "Is this food beneficial to my health?", and observe what happens.
6.) Hold the Pendulum over a non-healthy food and ask the same question.

Experiment with your Pendulum. Remember that it is vital that you phrase your questions so that the answer will be either yes or no.
“can I” {your question.....}
“will I” {your question.....}
“should I” {your question.....}
“do I” {your question.....}
You can use your new skill for all sorts of things. a particular colour would be good for you today, whether a particular crystal, flower essence or homeopathic remedy would help you- the list is pretty endless.
Experienced Dowsers can clear houses, help find and dispel or divert negative energies including Geopathic Stress.
The only limits are those of your own imagination.
Happy dowsing!


Crystal Healers and Energy Workers often use pendulums to assist with scanning the aura and chakras of their clients for information about the basic condition of the chakra. The pendulum is also used to scan for blockages and active, depleted areas or areas needing work. As the pendulum is held over each chakra in turn, it will move in ways that describe the condition of the chakra.

The most common reading sets for scanning the aura are fairly sophisticated. Generally the motion and direction of the pendulum and how circular the path it follows are read as echoes of the condition of the chakra.

In the system I use, a still, or almost motionless pendulum would indicate a mostly closed or inactive chakra. Generally clockwise circling is thought to be an indication of an open or active chakra and counterclockwise is thought to be indicative of imbalance. The width of the circular motion and the speed of the movement gives a direct indication of the state of the chakra and the areas that the chakra "rules".

Ideally all the chakras would be open and have about the same degree of activity. A typical circle might be 5 to 8 inches in diameter. Some systems however, accept periodic alterations between clockwise and counter clockwise motion as normal. They may interpret clockwise as being a state of projecting and dispersing energy and counter clockwise as a state of receiving and storing energy . The degree of variation from a circular motion may indicate areas of damage in the chakra, degree of yin /yang or male female balance in the energies (left is more yin, right is more yang). Distortions in the pattern can indicate blocks or imbalances in specific areas of the chakra but few people have the skill and sensitivity to identify the specific vortex or petal of the chakra that is affected by the movement of the pendulum alone.

Once the healing session has been concluded the practitioner will use the pendulum again to scan and compare the two readings.

Barbara Brennon's book "Hands of Light" has a chart and detailed interpretations of her method of reading the chakra with the pendulum.

You can ask yes and no questions to check your interpretations.

You can use the pendulum over your crystals to help you determine which is appropriate to use for treatment though I strongly urge you to practice developing this specific intuition without the pendulum as you usually can receive more detailed information from direct intuition. It is possible to purchase gemstone charts for the pendulum but there are many more possible stones that might be appropriate in a treatment than will fit on a chart.

Another way pendulums are used is to find missing items or things like hidden pipes in the yard or walls. The question is asked where is the item and the leading edge of the pendulum movement is watched usually the pendulum will begin to swing in an arc with the direction of the outer edge before it returns to center shifting as it swings until it is going toward the sought item.

You can also use your pendulum with charts or even lists there are several books which contain pendulum charts. There are aromatherapy charts, for choosing essential oils Nutrition charts to help determine what supplements and foods are needed Charts for helping with emotional issues . There are a great many different charts and you can make your own or use a list. The list of possibilities is almost endless. Many dowsers use pendulums over maps to help find oil deposits, houses, missing children, where to go on vacation etc. . I do caution people not to become dependent on using a pendulum for everything.


Dowsing with a pendulum is an excellent way to receive spiritual guidance. It is often called "Divining" because it allows you to connect to a divine source in order to access all kinds of information. The power of your intention is what directs the pendulum to access the information you seek.
It is absolutely imperative that you set an intention for psychic and spiritual protection before dowsing with a pendulum, or using any other divination tools or techniques. Whenever you open yourself to connect with spiritual guidance, you become a receiver and a conduit for psychic energies. This is what allows you to access all types of information, but it can also allow other entities to access you through that conduit if you have not protected yourself properly.
The Law of Free Will reigns supreme on Earth, so your energy can only be infringed upon if you allow it to be, or if you give your power away in some form. The first thing you must do before dowsing with a pendulum is to imagine a thick bubble of white light completely surrounding you, and declare: "The light of love surrounds me, protecting me from all that is not love". I would suggest that you begin each dowsing session with this visualization, and that you also begin and end each day surrounding yourself with the light of love and affirming your protection. This will hold you in a high vibration and protect you from negativity of all kinds.
You can also hold the pendulum in your hands for a moment, envisioning the pendulum surrounded by white light and making the statement: "This pendulum is a tool for accessing only the highest source of wisdom and guidance for the highest and best good of all, and it is protected from all else. And so it is, forevermore."
When you begin dowsing with the pendulum, close your eyes and relax. Imagine that there is a beam of light going up from the top of your head and going directly into the great sun above you. This Great Sun is the Source of all wisdom, guidance, healing, and All That Is. Imagine that this sun is sending you energy, guidance and love through the beam of light above you, and down through your head and body, and into the pendulum.
When you are dowsing with a pendulum, you become like a radio or television attuning yourself to receive information. Your mind and your intention attune you to the frequency of the information you are seeking. You are sending your question up through the beam of light to the Source of all knowing, and that Source is sending you back the answer. Your mind is the antenna, your body becomes the receiver, and the pendulum becomes the speaker or screen through which you see the answer shown to you clearly. Essentially, the pendulum serves as a cosmic search engine, allowing you to receive any information that you put your mind to!
Pendulum dowsing is an excellent way for you to communicate with your spirit guides, and for them to be able to communicate with you. However, if you have opened yourself to negative entities, you may feel nervous about dowsing again. You can actually use the pendulum to help you release these negative entities. Make sure that you do all of the above visualizations and affirmations, then call upon your spirit guides to help you remove all negative entities. Ask your spirit guides to: "Please take all negative entities to their rightful place and dimension, and neutralize their presence in my energy field, removing all negative effects of these entities and all patterns that attract them." As you hold the pendulum while you do this, the pendulum will probably swing in a negative direction until the task is complete, then it will start to swing in a positive direction once the negativity is cleared.
If you feel that the pendulum itself has taken on negative energies, or the energies of other people, you can either let it go and get another pendulum, or you can clear it with your will and intent. Hold the pendulum in your hands, close your eyes, and state aloud: "By the power of All That Is Light and All That Is Love I command you to be cleared of all negativity and to be cleansed and purified in the Light of Love. And so it is." Then open your hand and blow on the pendulum, imagining that your breath is blowing away any negative energy and cleansing your pendulum. You can further add: "I banish all negativity from this pendulum, from me and from my space and command it to return to its rightful place forevermore, never to return again."

Suggested Dowsing Charts

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